Works and Projects

Organizational Background

Our Vision is Empowering Education, Health and Environment and to reach out its charitable activities to the Differently able, orphan / abandoned children and also persons below poverty line by providing medical, educational and livelihood support to uplift them in their lives towards self reliance irrespective of their age, caste, creed or community.

Project 1 : Do Something


Our Project "DO SOMETHING" is an initiative by LARENCCE CHARITABLE TRUST to provide value education for about 200 poor children in slum areas once in 3 months house visit SINCE 6 YEARS.

Levels of Education Age Range (approximate years of age)
Pre-Primary 3-6
Primary 6-11
Secondary 11-17
Higher Secondary 11-18

Result : The impact of DO SOMETHING project will literally increase the literacy rate of girl children in our targeted areas, with reduced school dropouts and rate of child labor will also be reduced.

Project 2 : Home for Needy

Our Project "HOME FOR NEEDY" is an initiative by LARENCCE CHARITABLE TRUST to provide Shelter, Food and Value education for MATERNAL and PATERNAL ORPHANS and also OTHER VULNERABLE CHILDREN. Almost 50 children are benefitted by this project and have provided all the needs that actually an orphan child needs.

Levels of Education No. Of Children Age Range (approximate years of age)
Primary 21 6-11
Secondary 25 11-17

Result : The project "HOME FOR NEEDY" will help the helpless, hopeless hungry children to make them get out of suffering, poverty, helplessness and will provide them value education and to make them get hope, love, care and protection, giving them a better life and future. By furthering this project it actually reduces the number of orphans in the world, and can be proud of increasing the literacy rate of children who have no one! This "HOME FOR NEEDY" Project is shedding light on places and people that few knew even needed help!


Project 3 : Medical Help


Innumerable children in India suffer from congenital heart ailments. Along with medications for dealing with the problems, surgeries are also required for treating serious heart diseases. Many kids suffering from heart ailments belong to extremely poor families who cannot afford the expense of surgery and medicines. To help such families and save the life of kids, "MEDICAL HELP" a project by LARENCCE CHARITABLE TRUST which is to provide free Open-heart surgeries with the responsibility of the entire treatment process.

From 3 Months to 13 years Old Childrens

Result : The Project MEDICAL HELP has so far provided 145 free Open-Heart Surgeries to children all over India. And the organization's main aim is to further this project all over the world by providing en number of Surgeries and treatments for children and families who are extremely poor and unprivileged who have no access to healthy food or good medical care.


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"Drops of water make an ocean. The pure heart and a mind to help others will alleviate any trouble from humans who are suffering under various ailments, and waiting with a hope that some helping hand would put them away from all the distress. Let us all be the incarnation of love! Empathy makes massive changes in the minds of people."

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"Support makes a massive change. When coming from various spheres of the universe, the momentum it gains have no words to explain. It creates a passive strength which kindles the spirit of oneness across everyone. Greatest movements of the world are made by common people who believe in themselves, to create enormous changes."
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"Be the evangelist of this wonderful mission of restoring humanity. Good gestures and good deeds are often communicated and the information spreads in the speed which is thoroughly immeasurable. Positivity and humanity should also be spread amongst the people to be united and sync in the massive positivity."
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