After seeing the massive change his genorocity has made in the lives of people, Mr.Raghava Larencce has invested his effort, acumen and time to be the change agent. His aim is to make this as a people's movement to gain more momentum and support from the public.

He believes that all can't do everything, but everyone can do something. The small contribution from every individual can make a mammoth difference in the life of a needy.


Orphanage to care the abandoned children


Human lives need constant love and care, and not just roof above their heads alone. We give them a comprehensive care with dignity and confidence to face the challenges of the world for more than sixteen years. We equip all the children under our care with good quality food, clothing and shelter to enhance their quality of life.

Our innate care has restored over hundreds of lives of orphans and destitutes, by restoring their dignity and self-esteem. We believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and even the most injured life can be rehabilitated.

Care for differently abled people

Success calls for people who are willing to work hard and shed their inhibitions. We at Larencce Charitable Trust, support and encourage people with disabilities, and give them an ambience where they are loved, included and appreciated.

We have also identified many talented people and support them for their education and fine arts. Many dancers under the tutelage of Mr.Raghava Larencce have proved their capabilities and have stood the test of time.

When appropriate support, motivation and guidance are given to them, we can see a remarkable change in their lives. We have gained immense happiness for being the change-agent and the ray of hope for many people.


Support for education


We truly believe in the prosperity of the world is vested in the hands of the next generation. To garner the best out of every individual, it is important that every child should be educated and independent. Unfortunately, lot of children drop their education due to lack of support.

Though our Charitable Trust, we have made distinct changes in the lives, providing education from school children and till college to doctorate level too. Lot of children have benefited because of our program, and are now leading a successful life. You can be the change agent too, participate in the noble cause to bring light in someone's life.

Environment Sustainability

Mother Earth has blessed us abundantly, but due to excessive use of plastics, deforestation, pollution and excessive use of natural resources, we have polluted the planet beyond redemption. To restore the nature's wealth of lush green plants, we have been in the noble task of planting trees in various part of our country. We not only plant trees, but also maintain them. We extend this noble cause towards you to support us abundantly in this mission.

It is also everyone's responsibility to protect the planet and save for the benefit of the next generation. Join the noble cause and be a volunteer to plant trees, or you can contribute money to this noble mission.


Make a Donation

"Drops of water make an ocean. The pure heart and a mind to help others will alleviate any trouble from humans who are suffering under various ailments, and waiting with a hope that some helping hand would put them away from all the distress. Let us all be the incarnation of love! Empathy makes massive changes in the minds of people."

Be a Volunteer

"Support makes a massive change. When coming from various spheres of the universe, the momentum it gains have no words to explain. It creates a passive strength which kindles the spirit of oneness across everyone. Greatest movements of the world are made by common people who believe in themselves, to create enormous changes."
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Spread a Word

"Be the evangelist of this wonderful mission of restoring humanity. Good gestures and good deeds are often communicated and the information spreads in the speed which is thoroughly immeasurable. Positivity and humanity should also be spread amongst the people to be united and sync in the massive positivity."
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