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"Drops of water make an ocean. The pure heart and a mind to help others will alleviate any trouble from humans who are suffering under various ailments, and waiting with a hope that some helping hand would put them away from all the distress. Let us all be the incarnation of love! Empathy makes massive changes in the minds of people."

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"Support makes a massive change. When coming from various spheres of the universe, the momentum it gains have no words to explain. It creates a passive strength which kindles the spirit of oneness across everyone. Greatest movements of the world are made by common people who believe in themselves, to create enormous changes."
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"Be the evangelist of this wonderful mission of restoring humanity. Good gestures and good deeds are often communicated and the information spreads in the speed which is thoroughly immeasurable. Positivity and humanity should also be spread amongst the people to be united and sync in the massive positivity."
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