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Our Mission

We find that the world is a one big family with members of different needs, inter connected to make a big difference in other's life. Our mission is to support the underprivileged and make enormous changes in their lives. Bringing smile into their lives sustainably. We want to make this as a people's movement and require everyone's involvement in making a massive change.


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Our Story


Larencce Charitable Trust is a voluntary organization incepted by Mr.Raghava Larencce Master, (a renowned Actor, Choreographer and Director) in the year 2006 to render philanthropic activities for underprivileged people. We have a gamut of services ranging from orphanage to care the abandoned children, comprehensive care for differently abled people, and skill improvement through dance classes. We also have a wing to support medical help and education of the students. Overall we support the livelihood of underprivileged people through the support and services to enhance the living conditions.

Focus Area

We believe in touching each soul which requires support and care, despite of caste, creed, nationality, gender culture or any other barrier. The change it has created in the lives of the people and confidence it has instilled in the minds of the people has seeded this idea of philanthropy into a charitable trust, which should be a massive public movement, and the onus of everyone, willing to participate to restore humanity.


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"Drops of water make an ocean. The pure heart and a mind to help others will alleviate any trouble from humans who are suffering under various ailments, and waiting with a hope that some helping hand would put them away from all the distress. Let us all be the incarnation of love! Empathy makes massive changes in the minds of people."

Be a Volunteer

"Support makes a massive change. When coming from various spheres of the universe, the momentum it gains have no words to explain. It creates a passive strength which kindles the spirit of oneness across everyone. Greatest movements of the world are made by common people who believe in themselves, to create enormous changes."
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"Be the evangelist of this wonderful mission of restoring humanity. Good gestures and good deeds are often communicated and the information spreads in the speed which is thoroughly immeasurable. Positivity and humanity should also be spread amongst the people to be united and sync in the massive positivity."
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